Meeple Nation Board Game Podcast

This week we discuss some online gaming options. We go from phone apps like Terraforming Mars, to Charterstone.

We talk online gaming sites such as: 

Tabletop Simulator.

Come join us at the virtual table.

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This episode we respond to a question on how to keep games civil.

We talk about experiences we have had and how we have dealt with them. We offer some advice on maybe what not to play with some people and what mechanic might cause the most contention.

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This week we talk about Kickstarters and new released games, including Frosthaven, They Live, and three Ten-minute games.

We cover new games such as Azul: Crystal Mosaic, The Crew, Tajuto, and Sanctum.


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This week we practice our social distancing as we discuss the new game from Everything Epic, Secrets of the Lost Station. This game was designed by Christopher Batarlis and Jim Samartino. 

This is a 1-6 player campaign game that has a lot of hidden content to explore.

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This week we discuss the Mariucci J Designs, LLC game, HEXplore it.

Designed by: Kat Kimoundri, Nathan Loos, and Jonathan Mariucci.

This is a fully cooperative game where players must gain enough experience to survive and defeat the threat of the Dead King.

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