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We discuss Pick Up and Delivery games, a mechanic that seems to be lacking in our game group, but we have still played some very fun games.

Ryan chats up crayon rail games like Empire Builder, and Nathan tries to understand how Ryan can like a game with so little theme.

We bring up Firefly (of course) and games like Star Wars: Outer Rim, Deep Sea Adventure, and Pandemic. Still hoping for a Pandemic Legacy: Season 3.

Come join us at the game table.

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Nathan and Ryan talk Arkham Horror: the card game. Meeple Nation will represent at SaltCon! Our highlight is the Meeple Nation hosted game show.

New games coming out:

  • Wingspan European expansion
  • Gloomhaven: Subtitle
    • Will it have new content or a retread of the old stuff and who is the target of this game new players, existing players?

Nathan brings up Pandemic Legacy: Season 2. He and his wife have only one game left. David compares Gloomhaven to Agricola.

  • Codenames: the Simpsons
  • Caroline and the Other Mother from Wizkids.
  • Azul: Summer Pavilion
    • Do we need more Azul games?


  • Oathswon
    • Minis vs Standees
  • Hard West 
  • Rome and Roll
  • Hey Cutie? Really Ryan??
    • What happens to a kickstarter when it doesn’t fund
  • Tiny Epic Dinosaurs
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This week we talk about some great ideas for spooky games for the Halloween season.

We discuss Mysterium, Fury of Dracula, Nycophobia, Horrified, and Fearsome Floors.

We also mention Hako Onna, Arkham Horror, and a host of other games.

Join us for some spooky fun that even Ryan can have.

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In this episode we discuss different ways that apps have become a part of the board gaming hobby.

We discuss gaming websites like,, and We talk gaming apps for the phone like Dominion, San Juan, and Suburbia app, and Ryan brings up Star Realms for some reason.

We also discuss board games that have app integration.

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We talk Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Arkham Horror TCG, Agricola, Terraforming Mars, Marvel Legendary and Lord of the Rings the Living Card Game, Star Wars: Outer Rim, Chronicles of Crime and The Reckoners.

And then Ryan had to bring up Firefly.


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