Meeple Nation Board Game Podcast

MN Podcast episode 518.

This week we hit some highlights and talk about more games we don't own, and maybe even a few we might want to try.

Come join us at the game table.


Highlight Games:

Heat: Pedal to the Metal
Foundations of Rome
Stars of Akarios
Ticket to Ride Europe: 10th Anniversary Edition


Other Games Discussed:

Twilight Struggle
War of the Ring: Second Edition
War of the Ring
Commands & Colors: Ancients
Combat Commander: Europe
Paths of Glory
Hannibal: Rome vs. Carthage
Here I Stand
Labyrinth: The War of Terror, 2001-?
Up Front
Command & Colors: Napoleonics
Bloodborne: The Board Game
1960: The Making of the President
Gears of War: The Board Game
Black Rose Wars
Battles of Westeros
Triumph & Tragedy: European Balance of Power 1936-1945
Hammer of the Scots



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