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Christmas shopping got you geared up to buy more board games? We feel the same. We put our stocking caps on and came up with a bunch of awesome suggestions to get the gamer in your life or to gift to a home that could use a little more gaming action.

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In this episode we discuss Elizabeth Hargrave's widely popular game Wingspan. You play birds, place eggs, gather food, and create engines for fame and glory of the birding world.

If that doesn't sound awesome, you still need to play this game. Wingspan contains just enough player interaction to keep Ryan invested, and lives up to the hype.


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This week we discuss Hako Onna which is a creepy deduction game that has a pick up and delivery element to it.

This has a US release through WizKids and plays 3-5 players.

There are a lot of great elements about this game, and Ryan feels its theme.

Does he like a new game?

Tune in and find out.

We'll see you at the game table.

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Logan talks about the mild touch of Pick Up and Deliver in Nemesis. Is there more than the aliens picking up larva and delivering it into players chests?

Ryan gushes over crayon rail games again and focuses on Martian Rails. They take the core mechanic and build a wonderful mess of a map. Simplicity and a little magic make these games fabulous.

Train game and pick up and delivery mechanics make a lot of sense.

Nathan brings up Pirates Cove. Ryan likes it but is not a fan of combat system which punishes the losers dramatically through a whole lot of random.

Give us a listen.

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